Trinkets & Tinsel

“Trinkets & Tinsel” is one of those songs that seems to come hurtling into existence from the Great Beyond. It just spilled out onto a page on a cold winter’s evening in 2018, a couple of weeks before I was due to open for Pilgrim St at their Christmas gig in Tara Na Ri.

I remember sending a dodgy phone recording of the song to my friend, Brendan (from Pilgrim St), and asking him if he’d play it with me at the gig. Brendan is sound, and so, he agreed.

A few days later, on 11th December 2018, he became a father to beautiful twin boys. Exactly 2 years before that, my lovely Dad passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm, at age 62

This single will be released on his 4th anniversary – 11th December 2020.The song itself, I feel, was a message from my Dad. He was telling me that it was possible… no… necessary, to learn how to enjoy Christmas without him. I know he would hate for me, or anyone else, to miss out on any craic!

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